Breakthrough Saturday

How Do You See Yourself?

Use This Checklist To Find Your Positive Qualities!

How do you think about yourself (when you take the time to do so)?

Do you recognize your own unique positive qualities?

Most people don’t.

Our natural tendency is to focus on the things about ourselves that we perceive as being negative.

And social media makes it even worse because we compare the reality of our own lives to the best day of other people's lives - not exactly a recipe for a realistic look at ourselves.

One of the things we will learn at Breakthrough Saturday is how to see things as they really are... not better, not worse. Just real.

Find Your Positive Qualities Now!

We all have positive qualities, every single one of us.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

We all need a reminder, a little something we can look at to remind ourselves to focus on the positive!

Here's a list of positive qualities – just print it out, check off all that apply, and post it somewhere you can see it every day so you can focus on being your best!

Once you take a few minutes to do this, you'll have another head start for positive change on Breakthrough Saturday™!

This is a personal growth seminar and is in no way a medical treatment for mental or physical health issues
requiring professional care, therapy or treatment.

Personal Development Seminar

Breakthrough Saturday is a revolutionary live event to help you break free from the cycle of unfulfilled living and find your way to living your best life.

We show you how to use the power of your mind to change your day, your week, and your life!


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Live Your Best Life

Your Best Life is the life you design, chose, and live on purpose.

It's uncovering what you really want (most people don't know) and making steady progress toward it without accidentally sacrificing things that are truly important to you.

It's the end of confusion, uncertainty, and inaction and the new satisfaction of steady progress and the deep internal satisfaction that comes from being true to yourself.

I invite you to enjoy both the journey and the destination!